You have Rosa DeLauro to thank for your Child Tax Credit checks

U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT 3rd District)

In my latest column for Hearst Connecticut Media I explain why parents across the country have Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro to thank for their Child Tax Credit (CTC) checks. Hopefully, Congress will go one further and make the expanded CTC permanent. It would lift 50 percent of America’s poorest children out of poverty and cost less over the next 10 years — by a lot! — than the Trump tax cuts that only benefited the middle class temporarily while extending benefits for corporations and the country’s wealthiest citizens indefinitely.

Many of those corporations pay $0 in taxes, providing their CEOs with gobs of money to blow on demonstrating who is the biggest badass, or who has the coolest (ahem) rocket, or whatever.

Anyway, here is my column about a true badass.


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