Proud to Be Part of’s New Women at Work Subsite

Thanks to my former colleague Heather O’Neill, I was recently lucky enough to complete a series offer article’s for LiveCareer’s new Women at Work subside. Women at Work focuses on the unique challenges faced by women employees and entrepreneurs in all aspects of employment and business.

Like its brilliant founding editor, the subsite is audience-focused and doesn’t pull punches, with an inaugural content lineup that ranges from helpful how-tos (saving for retirement, re-entering the workforce, becoming a mentor) to more serious obstacles working women still find ourselves navigating all too often, such as workplace harassment, the gender wage gap, and how to navigate the burden of being the “only” in the room (woman, woman of color, trans woman, etc.).

From the design to the story mix to the service-focused voice that runs through every article I’ve read on the “Women at Work” so far, Heather has done an amazing job spearheading a digital channel that should serve as an extremely useful tool to women who are serious about their work life.

I learned so much writing articles on:

The Challenge of Being the “Only” in the Room: 8 Ways to Navigate Difference

• Should I Share a Past Sexual Harassment Claim During a Job Search?

• Family-Focused Benefits: a Boon to Companies and the Women Who Work for Them

• 7 Mid-Career Questions Women Should Ask Themselves


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